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Aug 28, 2003 at 02:32 PM

jcontrol.exe problems starting WAS 6.30 beta2



I have successfully installed the WebAS 6.30 sneak preview. Initially it seemed to work (I deployed the Welcome webdynpro application and it almost ran correctly), but on rebooting my machine and trying to start the instance in the MMC, the 0 branch stays yellow, and the entry in the process list, after 37 minutes of waiting, is:

Process: jcontrol.exe

Description J2EE Server

Status: Synchronising binaries

Start time: 28.08.2003 11:00:13

Elapsed time: 0 00 37 17

The Windows task manager shows no jcontrol.exe, and the only activity is saposcol.exe at <1%.

I am running Win2k Pro SP3 with 576Mb RAM. The hard disk has 14Gb free.

Any ideas?