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Former Member
Aug 20, 2003 at 05:57 PM

BSP flicker-free technique


I'm wanting to use the flicker-free(double buffering) technique for my BSP application. I've copied the HTML page 'session_buffered_frame.htm' from the BSP application 'system' and included into my application renaming to default.htm. Everything works perfect except when you click the I.E browser Refresh button. What's occurring is when you click Refresh button the application is returning to first page(entry point) of the application. Does anyone know of a work around to avoid this problem. Also if your using the system login.htm page from BSP application 'system' does this support the flicker-free technique ? When I use the default window login the flicker-free technique works OK but when you reference the system login via SICF (Error Pages/redirect) it seems not to work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.