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Former Member
Nov 19, 2003 at 07:51 PM

Mapping question


Hi all,

We've created a java extension that makes an RFC call (via JCo API) to a remote SAP R/3 system. Typically, our java method receives an input parameter (String) from a specific field in the input xml file and passes that parameter to the remote function. The mapping was designed using the mapping tool.

Our problem:

Since our mapping function (our java extension) didn't work properly, I've added some "System.out.println(...)" in our java method and realized that the input parameter was empty?!? If I hard code the value before making the RFC call, everything works fine.

My question:

My knowledge of XI and its mapping tool is quite limited... Aside from connecting all those objects together: source input field --> java extension --> target output field (again, using the mapping tool), what do we need to do to make this kind of mapping work?

Thanks a lot!