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Nov 21, 2010 at 11:03 AM

Crystal Reports with 35 cols and 1K+ rows(Excel and Viewable in Infoview)


Hi there,

Environment: Crystal Reports XIR2 / Oracle 10g / Business View Manager /Business objects XIR2/ Front End: .NET/ Visual studio 2005

I am using Business Views/Elements as source for my report.

Its a team member roster report, which contains 35 columns (out of this 20 are of string data type with textual information, rest of them are numeric fields). Its a simple report to display list of team members information for the manager (without any grouping or formulas involved in the report). The user needs a Excel down loadable format(since the reports contains 1000+ rows and 35 columns)

In Crystal Full Client, I changed the page setup to 11x17 by changing default printer which handles that size.(As I was not able to place all fields in A4 or Legal page). I placed all the fields (set them to same height) in detail section with no spacing between the columns and able to build the report, but in preview mode the report is not good for display. And most of the textual data fields are truncated as I am not enabling Can grow. (Currently I m using font size of '7')

When I opened the report in Info view, I m able to see the report till A4 size and rest of the columns are not displayed.

Needed Suggestions:

1. How to create report with 35 columns, need to be readable and viewable in Info view

2. Need to export to Excel

3. Is it possible to provide a link in the .NET portal (front end) to directly pop-up a message to OPEN or SAVE the report in Excel format, instead of displaying the report in the info view.

(In regular scenario, when they click the report link, it points to enterprise and opens the report in Info view)

4. Do we need to customize Info view page size to make it scrollable and view 11x17 page size report.

Thanks in Advance