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Feb 16, 2004 at 01:25 PM

Selection Fields in Transfer Structure of InfoSource


Hi all,

We have an InfoSource which uses an 8-Data Source (so a generated Data Source from an ODS object in our own BW System). Under this InfoSource we have created an InfoPackage which uploads data into an InfoCube. The problem is that the tab "Data Selection" of our InfoPackage is empty - so we can't fill in any selections 'cause there are no selection fields.

If we look at the Transfer Structure of the Info Source, none of the fields listed there are selection fields (so the switch 'Selection' is always empty in the Transfer Structure). For InfoSources which use DataSources from R/3 we can maintain this switch in R/3 and so specify if a certain field has to be a selection field or not. But how to do this for an 8-DataSource which exists only in BW?

Thanks in advance,