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Characteristic of Data Type = Date follows User Profile Only

Hi All

In EHS SVT the characteristic TSCAList_Date [SAP_EHS_1023_053_DATE_LIST] is of Data Type = Date) and follows the date format defined in the User Profile of actual user.

If a user is using EU profile such as:

EU date format = 1 DD.MM.YYYY

EU decimal notation format = 1.234.567,89

If he enters a date in another format (Such as YYYY-MM-DD - 2010-03-27) than the one defined in the User Profile (DD.MM.YYYY - 27.03.2010); he will get an error message text: "Value (&) is not numeric"


How he can bypass this error and allow SAP make the conversion to changing the date entered (2010-03-27) to the one used in the User profile (27.03.2010)?

I will apreciate any Help


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2 Answers

  • Posted on Nov 19, 2010 at 09:03 PM

    Hello Ouadria

    very interesting request indeed.

    a.) my understanding of SAP GUI approach is: user has an user id and logon parameter

    b.) by specifing an user profile some "default" set up should be used in further UI interaction in SAP GUI interface (especially date format etc.)

    c.) Therefore it makes "no" sense to use a "different" format in entering a date etc. as specified in the user profile; in addition I believe the "look and feel" of the data (display and no maintain) is once again connected to the user profile, That means if you change the data in user profile the "date" format and "numeric" format should change in UI; this "change" should be active after saving the profile once again (regarding fonts etc. in UI: the change is done "immediate"; user profile changes is done in a further session and I believe the original session is not changed (not sure ..))

    d.) indipendent on user profile the application makes sure that the data is written into the SAP internal format (date and numeric vlaue) into the tables

    Coming with EH&S 2.7 you can use a new function in class/characteristic maintenance to change (display conversion in different allowed UOM) "UOMs" (etc.) and to get an idea which UOMs are allowed. I believe (not sure) that this new function should be available regarding characteristics of date format too. This function is "hidden" in some sense in the Menue (if I remember correct; i am not using it often).

    May be you could think of a "tricky" way to use the user parametres (by preparing some programming) but I would not investigate the money (and time) but simple change the user profile enter the data and then change back the profile.

    Different "easy" solution would be to use a second user id (one with default format DD.MM.YYYY and second with YYYY-MM-DD)

    May be this helps

    With best regards


    PS: Regarding UOM conversion: take a look here:

    And search for topic: "Conversion of Units of Measurement" which can be found in "Editing Characteristic Values" which is subtopic of: "Value Assignment "

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    Edited by: Christoph Bergemann on Nov 19, 2010 10:11 PM

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    Posted on Nov 22, 2010 at 03:23 PM

    Hi Christopher

    Thank you for your respond. I want only to add that the EHS data we are using is coming from an EHS data provider (from Canada) where this provider is using North America format for "date" and "numeric".

    Best Regards


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