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Feb 03, 2004 at 09:39 AM

Template for ODS with Authorization Data (Values)


I have implemented (attempting to) the 0TCA_DS01 - Template for ODS with Authorization Data (Values), based upon Appendix 2 in the training materials (BW365). Along with that I supplemented it with the information in ?Structural Authorizations in BW? , ?BW 3.0 Authorization? presentation from the Know How Network call and finally, the ?How to Generate BW Authorizations from a Flat File?.

My question/problem is that in creating the Authorization object, it does not appear to be actually limiting any data in the Cube based upon the information I have in the Authorization data ODS. Below is a list of steps I followed and also data which I have in the ODS.

I have searched notes, the web and read through all of the above documents, as well as online help and the transcript from the Know How Network conf. call on the Authorizations presentation. I cannot find anything anywhere which indicates that I have done anything incorrectly or any reason why this should not work.



0TCTAUTH - Authorization Check Log does not indicate problems. It reports 0EMPLOYEE as being ?*?

There is no explanation of why that 0TCTAUTH field should be blank in the Authorizations ODS and there is not other notes, explanation or troubleshooting offered in any of the documentation I can find on this. It should just work as I have listed.

I am hesitant to open an OSS message as I think they will come back to me and say it is a consulting issue, but I am not sure that it is. Based upon all of the documentation provided by SAP, this process is not working as advertised.

Hopefully you can shed some light on what I may be missing.


Stephen Heverin