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Nov 19, 2010 at 12:46 PM

Apache MQ 5.2 and PI 7.11: failover:// protocol support in PI JMS adapter



Does anyone know if the failover:// protocol is supported by PI in JMS adapter when using transport protocol: Access JMS provider Generically?

Scenario: PI 7.11 JMS channel sending and receiving JMS messages with Apache MQ 5.2 JMS provider.

Following parameter is maintained as additional Parameter in sender JMS channel:

JMS.QueueConnectionFactoryImpl.classname = org.apache.activemq.ActiveMQConnectionFactory

JMS.QueueConnectionFactoryImpl.constructor = java.lang.String tcp://host:port


JMS.QueueImpl.constructor=java.lang.String TEST.Q

The connection works fine in production.!!!

Now, problem starts when Apache MQ host started using custering. there is now two host both hosting same queues for cases like failover.

As per apache configuration syntax ( we tried to use following

JMS.QueueConnectionFactoryImpl.constructor = java.lang.String failover://(tcp://host A:port,tcp://host B:port)?randomize=true


JMS.QueueConnectionFactoryImpl.constructor = java.lang.String failover:(tcp://host A:port,tcp://host B:port)?randomize=true

but both following error:

Error creating JMS connection. The JMS provider gave the error message as Could not create Transport. Reason: Invalid location: failover://(tcp://host A:port Invalid location: failover://((tcp://host A:port, and the error code as null.

Have anyone used clustering with Apache MQ with PI 7.11? Does PI support JMS provider clustering for queues and topics?

Your answer is much appreciated.