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Nov 19, 2010 at 10:51 AM

Issue with Purchase Order ZPRM & delivery ZPRE


We are getting the same general error for 2 message types:

1. PO 600127603 an automatic Output message was generated u201CZPRMu201D returning the error u201CZPR_PO_MARCu201D

a. Transaction Details ME22N - MESSAGES

2. Delivery 83036841 an automatic Header Output message was generated u201CZPREu201D returning the error u201CZPR_GI_MARCu201D

a. Transaction Details VL02N u2013Extras > Delivery Output> Header

For both issues i was getting Error Message "No Recipient found for Message Type u201CZPR_PO_MARC" in the ALE Model.

And i had added this Message type in th Oubound Parameters in WE21 and also created Model view added Message Type to it using BD64.

But still i am facing any issue.

Please help me on this.