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Jan 30, 2004 at 05:05 PM

Access-Permission-Concept for Repositories and Folders


Hi @ all,

in the default configuration nearly every repository and

folder has got the permission "everybody



anybody experiences with an permission-concept in

the km.

Our problem is that we defined a km-role so that

the navigation-iviews only point to the folder

"/documents/public documents/" and to the folder

"personal document" in the userhome repository.

This worked

very fine but the problem is that the users can

use a workarround to access other reporistories in

the km by

using the iview "my favorites". There you can

define a new favorite by selecting "new" and than

"browse". Thus

the user has now the possibility to navigate to

the virtual-root an can know access every

repositorie whitch

has the permission "everybody fullcontroll".

I would prefer to restrict all the permissions

of the repositories if i knew that all operations

and iviews will work properly.

So are there any repositories and folders whitch

need the permission "everybody fullcontroll",

except the userhome-repository whitch is clear.

Thank´s for your replys!

Best regards

Kai Rassner