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Dec 18, 2003 at 12:12 PM

XML Forms Setup


We're on EP 5 sp 5.

I'm trying to get the XML Forms Builder up and running. I've gone through both EP300 and the online XML Forms presentation, and things seem to be set up correctly wrt the collection renderers and so forth. I've also gone through the admin / devl / user docs that come wth ep5 concerning this topic, and nothing seems to help.

Here's what happens.

There were two example projects available withe the java web start xml forms builder : News and FAQs. They both exhibit the same problem. The project builds successfully.

What happens is after I make the project, I can run the edit form for either FAQs or News, and fill it out. But when I hit the Save button, a page (here's the url: http://ourPortal/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/ comes up with the message:

XML - Forms



The 'ok' above is an okay button which when clicked runs to a 404 page

The url of this page is:


The News or FAQ item isn't added.

The right files appear to be in /etc/xmlforms/News. Do I need to make another iView? None of the docs say that I need to make a 'results' iView, for example.

My xslt filter for News:

extensions : xml

path: /News/**

stylesheet : wcm:/etc/xmlforms/News/NewsShow.xsl

repositories: documents

My News Explorer iView settings:

Layout Set Mode : exclusive

LayoutSettings : NewsExplorer

Path to initially displayed folder : /documents/News

The xmlforms (Show Form, Edit Form, ListShow Form, ListEdit Form, RendererListItem Form) in the XML Forms Builder project are unchanged from the default, except for a few title strings I've modified to make sure that the project elements are being propagated to the poral).

Somebody please advise. This is probably a simple thing. Hopefully.

thanks in advance,