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Nov 19, 2010 at 05:03 AM

Workflow for Purchase Requisition using user Decision


Hi Workflow Experts,

I have one doubt can you clarify the below question.

For the Purchase Requisition is there any standard workflow exist using user decision functionality?

If yes can u share the name of the workflow?

In the Purchase Requisition approval process we have more than two approvers now we are using WS200000077 workflow.

Its working fine. Now our client requirement is same functionality can be achieved from using user decision functionality.

Example: Purchase requisition 2000XXXXXXX has picked the release strategy with two release codes (two approvers)

Now email goes the first approver SAP Inbox. Once the first approver click on 'APPROVE' button one more email go the second approver SAP inbox there also second approver should able to click on 'APPROVE' or 'REJECT' button.

I need above functionality. Will it possible?