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Nov 19, 2010 at 03:00 AM

Lay of the land - Microsoft convert


To start - sorry for the newbie post. Feed free to FAQ me if that's what I deserve.

Looks like my company is going to be adopting BO soon. I have been working with microsoft products for the past couple of years. I see things that compare to sharepoint, excel, and reporting services.. but what I don't see evidence of is a dimensional engine & design tools. I know that it exists but amidst all the business talk I am not finding it. Can someone please point it out to me and let me know how the divide works between dimensional and relational for BO.

Also is there any way that I can setup an environment to play with reporting and dimensional database construction tools on my pc in order to get a feel for things asap?

What is a typical divide between an SAP/Microsoft shop? Do you write ASP.NET applications that query a BO source?



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