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Nov 18, 2010 at 11:20 PM

Database / System level copies


We currently have 2 landscapes within our solution, one supporting steady state (RD2 (Dev) --> RQ2 (Test) --> RP1 (Prod)) and one supporting a new global implemetation effort (RD1 (Dev) --> RQ1 (Test)). I know, bad idea to have 2 DEV instances, but that is what we inherited.

We are getting ready to go live with our new global implementation and will be transporting all config from the RD1 (Global Implementation DEV instance) to RP1 (Prod), afterwhich RP1 (Prod) will contain all the transports from RD2 and RD1.

Once we implement this first global population, we would like to collapse down to just one Dev instance. Any suggestions on the best way to do that since both RD1 and RD2 contain original "gold" clients and orginal config changes? Can we load all the same transports we loaded into RP1 into RD2 and have our new production landscape be RD2 --> RQ1 --> RP1 and then decommission RD1 and RQ2?

Any thoughts on how to get out of this spagetti mess with the least impact to long term steday state config/transport management would be much appreciated.