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Nov 18, 2010 at 05:03 PM

Interesting problem with an update to ERP from within the WebUI


When we create a new Account and Save, the details are parsed across to ERP via a BDOC ( I believe) and the customer account is created. I have checked in ERP and can see the new customer. So far, so good...

We have some code in the EH_ONSAVE method for BP_HEAD/Overview. The code basically extracts the Sales areas and then calls a Remote function module. One of the checks carried out in the remote FM is to ensure that the account exists, which it does by checking KNA1.

However, when it does this it can not find the customer that was just created when we Saved the Account, but, if I exit the WebUI, re-enter and try again it works perfectly.

I've seen something like this before when I'm testing in DEV whereby I change some code in the remote FM and activate, then run the option in WebUI which uses this remote FM, but it picks up the previous version and not the latest version of the code.

Could something like this be happening with the data as well?.