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Feb 09, 2004 at 12:43 PM

Eventing Databag


We are doing a lot of development with JSP and Java iViews. We have a situation, whereby, we want to send some data back from a JSP page to a JAVA component (JSPDynPage). We are using Eventing to send the data back from the JSP page. The Eventing looks as follows:

//Send the name & number of any selected customers up so the Controller can grab them.



EPCM.raiseEvent( "urn:com.apci.portal.fwr:CustomerAdd", "AddCustomers", nValue );

The issue that we have encountered is that there appears to be a 4K limit on the databag. We also found and article on it (databag_api.html). Thus, whenever we try to send a large list of customers, we get an error about the databag, and the customers don't get sent. We are wondering if there is anyway to get around the 4K limit? Perhaps Eventing isn't a good solution in this case. Maybe we should try sending a javabean object back via a method call. Although, we had heard from someone that this would not be possible.

Any information that anyone can provide, will be appreciated!