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Nov 18, 2010 at 11:03 AM

Shopping Cart Workflow: Agent Determination error.


Hi All,

I am using SC workflow multiple level approval at line item. Required config and badi activated and code written.

every level might have multi level approval and this was working fine. But suddently got few errors.

Issue Details.

1. When I create a SC with one Line item that qualifies say 3 level of approval. All three level Approvers are determined from the badi (i checked this in debugging (say level 1 : user01, level 2: user02,level 3: user03)).

2. In shopping cart after I order the SC, in the Approval overview section I see the 3 level of approvals with approver name(same user01, user02, user03 as in BADI). so first user01 will approve followed by user02 and user03.

3. In the workflow log i see the first level of approver is not the one determined from badi and nor displayed in SC approval section. This is some other user (say user04).

4. If i go to user01's web portal inbox i dont see the workitem in his UWL inbox. But user04 has the workitem in his UWL inbox.

5. Still in shopping cart i see (same user01, user02, user03 as in BADI).

6. Now if I approve the SC from User04's UWL inbox then in SC is approved and all 3 levels with approvers name in approval overwiew tab disapeares and i see only User04 as level 1 approver with approved status.

I was using user04 previously but not anymore but it pops up. I am not able to get where to check why agent deteminations are resetting to user04.

And this was working as designed few days back.

can somebody help here?

Thanks in advance.