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Jan 22, 2004 at 11:44 AM

get Navigation-Path Name from iView


Hi All

Subject: EP 5 SP5

I got some pages with some iViews in it.

All those pages are more or less the same. Only the text in the iViews changes.

So I use a pattern for the iViews (which is defined in xslt, but this is not the problem here)

On the left side of each iView exists a picture which is the main problem.

This picture should always change to the corresponding navigation title of the page.

(say, work is the page-name, so work has somehow to be read in the iView and finaly

the picture for work is displayed)

So I need the name of the current page, which is displaying the iView.

Does anyone know, how to get the name of the current (and selected) navigation-entry from an iView?

If possible with a code-fragment? I tried something with INode, but parent was only 'portal'

many thanks in advance,