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Nov 18, 2010 at 09:47 AM

Change cache mode to 5 'BLOB/Cluster Enhanced'.


Hello guys.

I'm trying to change to the new cache mode 5 following the note [1026944|] and some instructions, but I'm not able.

First of all I've run the report SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN with the parameters in the SE38. Everthing fine I think.

Then I have the problems. The instrucctions tell me: "go to transaction RSRT, type in the query name, click properties button and change the cache mode to 5 'BLOB/Cluster Enhanced'." What query have I to type?? Because If I not type any query when I click in properties button I got an error message.

I have also another step to perform wich I don't undertand. It say: "In RSA1, double click the Infoprovider, menu environment -> Infoprovider properties -> change. Then you may change the cache mode to 5 there and save it.". The problem here is I don't know in what Infoprovider I have to do the change, there are many. In all of them?

As you can see I'm not a BW person, I'm a system adminisrator and I'm not familiarized with Inforprovider.

Thank you in advance