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Is it possible to choose of several logical components in solution manager?

Hello SAP gurus,

my goal is to choose in the solution manager (solar02) between two (or more)

logical components with different technical systems two levels lower than business processes.

If I 'm in TA: solar01 in the level of business processes then I can, at the tab "structure", enter several process names, e.g. node1 and node2 that are then shown in solar02. The processes on this level can access all the logical components that I 've added to the project by the TA: solar_project_admin. For example we'll take the logical component Y_AAA with the technical system BBB-100 and BBB-200 and the logical component Y_ZZZ with the technical system NNN-100, NNN-200 and OOO-300. This means: the logical components have different targets.

If I'm again in TA: solar01 but now in the level of the former node1 I can, at the tab "structure", enter some nodenames again, but this time I have to enter only "one" logical component per node.

Back to the TA: solar02 I can't access all of the logical components that are assigned to the project but only the one defined in the solar01.

This is an example of the structure in the solar02:

-- example_node

--- organisational unit

--- master data

--- business processes

----- node1 (all logical components of the project available)

--------- subnode1 (only one logical component available)

--------- subnode2 (only one logical component available)

----- node2 (all logical components of the project available)

--------- subnode3 (only one logical component available)


As written at the start my goal is to insert the two logical components Y_AAA and Y_ZZZ, which have got different technical systems, into the nodes "subnode1" and "subnode2".

If this is not possible I'd have to restructure my nodes. So I kindly ask you to confirm that my task is possible or impossible and... if it is possible to do this, then give me hints on how I can solve this.

Thanks in advance for your confirmation and/or tipps,


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2 Answers

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    Dec 08, 2016 at 10:29 AM

    Hi Enrico,

    it is hard to understand where you are in the structure. As I understand node1 is a process and subnode1 is a step. At the transaction tab of processes you can assign all logical components to transactions. On the transaction tab of steps you can assign only the logical component you assigned to the step and the logical components that have the same product. The reason is, that we also want to allow process steps that go across mutliple instances of a system e.g. ABAP and JAVA stack.

    Kind regards


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  • Dec 08, 2016 at 12:03 PM

    Hi Andreas,

    thanks for your answer!

    You've seen it exactly the way I tried to explain. I wanted to assign the two logical components Y_AAA and Y_ZZZ with different products to a step. As I tried in the solution manager and by the answer you gave I have to accept that I can't do this. We will have to rethink the structure of the design.

    So this is solved.

    Thanks again and kind regards


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