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Nov 17, 2010 at 10:50 PM

Supply Side Change STO Delivery Date



I apologize in advance as I suspect this has been asked somewhere, but the search terms are very generic...

Every implementation I've been at we've had the request to have the delivery date adjusted on STO's to match the actual availability of material in the supplying plant when known. Using Scheduling Agreements (LP or LU) I can get close to the desired functionality, but it's still not they are looking for.

Plant 1 orders 1000 EA a week for 10 weeks from Plant 2.

Plant 1 has MRP type P3 non-fixing with time fence, EX lot for lot buckets.

Plant 2 has MRP type P1 auto-fixing w/time fence, EX lot for lot buckets.

Running MRP generates the schedule lines in Plant 1 (source list with '2' in MRP field) which transfer demand to Plant 2 via special proc. key 40.

MRP creates P. req. in Plant 2 for supply from external vendor

Over time, some of the PO lines from the vendor get pushed out or pulled in. Using V_V2, we can adjust the deliveries as required, but we'd like to know if adjusting the delivery date on the vendor PO line items in Plant 2 can reschedule the schedule line on the STO/SA from Plant 1 so that their ATP for sales is always as accurate as possible.

SAP documentation implies that it can do this, but aside from checks on manually created items at the time of creation or change (existing POLI) there seems to be no option to do this, but instead the default requested date remains.

We're basically asking that the supply side drive the PO LI delivery date instead of the PO demanded date remaining firm.

I suspect confirmation control may bring some of that functionality, but we'd like to avoid that step of processing if there is a way.

thank you in advance.