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Dec 15, 2003 at 08:42 PM

DBPools and required external libraries


Hi All

I have got DBPools working with PDK on SAP J2EE. I wanted to use that in one of the JSPDynPage portal component I created. I got it working by using the "How to Use SAP J2EE Database pooling Service". On page 4 it says, "to access dbpool service your code will have to add the following libraries to your class path"

1. aloneadditional-libjdbc20.jar

I got it working in the PDK environment by modifying the -classpath variable using SAP J2EE configtool and clicking on alone then modifying it in the RHS pane. It works like a charm over there. But when I do the same in real portal environment as that is where it is going to run, J2EE engine even fails to start.

I would appreciate if any one has walked down the same path. Any clue would be helpful.



PS: BTW I am using SAP J2EE 6.20 Patch level 17. Portal version is EP SP5 Patch 3.