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Dec 08, 2003 at 02:58 PM

strange behaviour of SAP PDK eclipse plugin


Hi everybody,

does anyone have a clue how to solve this kind of strage behaviour of the SAP PDK eclipse plugin for development of Java iViews? I already read a lot of FAQ ( @iViewstudio etc.), but it seems as if nobody else had this prob. by now (or was more successful in solving it...)

After installing JSDK 1.4, Tomcat 4.1.29, PDK 5.0.4, Eclipse 2.0.1 & Eclipse SAP PDK Plugin I quickly found out that in some situations eclipse/ the SAP PDK plugin behaved strangely.

1. After finishing some changes one normally tries to test them in the Portal/PDK. But unfortunately the plugin prevent this by ACCIDENTALLY refusing to build the PAR Package. In this case eclipse reports the error: "~...could not be built. ...project inconsistent... Package file is maybe in use by another application." I am not able to determine when and under what circumstances this (obviously) bug occurs. Naturally it is afaik not in use by another app. - as I mentioned this error occurs just each 3rd or 4th time.

Sometimes this can be overcome by just inserting a few charakters in the source an resaving/building. Sometimes one has to close and reopen eclipse completely. Therefore, as you can surely understand efficient development has got impossible. Solely restarting eclipse lasts for ages. I really can not stand this any longer. Please help!

2. When importing a PAR into a project eclipse reports error creating the project, but finally imports correctly. Sometimes "name collision" is being pretended to be causing the error.

I appreciate each and every comment, hint or solution.