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Former Member
Dec 04, 2003 at 04:36 PM

Using Business Packages for more than one system


Hello All,

we like to use Business Packages but for more than one system.

E.g. using CRM Business Package uses system alias SAP_CRM and is imported into the EP 5.0 Migrated folder.

How can we use the package for let say SAP_CRM1, SAP_CRM2 and SAP_CRM3 systems.

How do we change the System Alias in the iViews WITHOUT doing it manually for each iView?

When we copy the Business Package to have all things in a seperate place, the PCD Locations for the iViews and Pages in the Worksets are not dynamically changed to the new loaction of the iViews and Pages in the PCD.

How can we change that?

Is SAP planning a standard functionality for that as I think more companies have those problems?

Kind regards,