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Nov 20, 2003 at 09:12 AM

Any order in execution of same-page iViews?


Hello, colleagues,

Is it possible to garantee in some way order of execution of portal components on the same page?

Let's say we have two (non-isolated, to have more chance to make it work) iViews A and B on the same page of EP6. The iView A does some job on the server-side and saves the result in the session, and the iView B uses that result for its own rendering. Is there a way to guarantee that A will finish the job before B reads the result in the session? For example, are doProcessAfterInput() methods of all iViews processing the same request executed before doProcessBeforeOutput() method of any single iView?

My guess is that the answer is No, but would like to verify it with Portal guys 😊 Is there a recommended solution? If I use client-side eventing to transfer data from A to B, that means that B will have to be re-loaded to transfer to its server-side processor the data from A. I would like to avoid it.

Thanks for your help,