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Nov 20, 2003 at 11:43 AM

Browser & JavaScript Issues in EP 5 (PDK)


I´ve installed the PDK and the SAP Netweaver Developer Studio an ran a few tests with it. I am shocked by the tremdous use of clientside Javascript. In connection with the cut out of all Browsers but IE the Portal is unusable for 30% of overall users and 60% of all Business Users (most large Businesses that still use IE disable ActiveX for securtiy reasons and that also stops JavaScript).

How das SAP adress this situation in the EP6 and coming releases of WebDynpro? I really hope that you stop using clientside scripting and open your portal to the world. It´s commonly kown that use of JavaScript for essential System functions is a bad idea due to error proneness and Browser diversity.

Also Web Dynpro technology is probably not the center of discussion here, I´d like to add that it already integrates fine with Dev Studio but it also produces just a bunch of clientside scripts.