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Nov 16, 2010 at 09:04 PM

Crystal Reports Step by Step Report Creation Script



for those of you who are looking for a step by step report creation script for crystal reports 2008 or crystal reports 2011 please click |] to download the script.

the report will be based on the xtreme sample database which ships with earlier versions of crystal.

if you don't have this database already, it can be downloaded via these steps:

1) open up crystal reports 2008

2) go to the Download tab on the initial splash screen

3) click Sample Reports And Databases which will take you to the Business Objects Software Download page

4) for Software Product choose Crystal Reports

5) for Product Version choose Crystal Reports 2008

6) for Software Type choose Sample

7) press the Search button

8) now download the XI samples and database that matches your language preferrence

9) you can also download samples that are specific to Crystal Reports 2008 as well

10) you will also have to create an ODBC connection to the xtreme sample database, naming the connection "Xtreme Sample Database 11.5"...the sample report that you create will be based on this connection