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Nov 16, 2010 at 05:14 PM

About fucntion GET_POOL_SUM and units for page faults.



Since last year I'm collecting the output of function GET_POOL_SUM but I'm not able to interpret the values obtained. The ouput of the function is a little bit tricky, at least interpreting times: there is a record for each memory pool and last 24 hours. Some fields are easy to understand: pool sizes or job transitions. But I cannot understand the value for page faults and pages.

Is it an average for periods of one minute ??

Example: In *BASE pool ( nr. 2 ) I have a value of 44.051 for field DB_FLT ( DB faults ) in row corresponding at 09:00. This value appears at OS as page faults / second. But 44.051 page faults/second is too much by far. As saposcol uses periods of 1 minute, do I need to divide this value by 60 ( 44.051 / 60 = 734,2 ) ?


Joan B. Altadill