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Nov 16, 2010 at 04:37 PM

Again about External Window in WDA


I have some troubles with running new processes in E-Recruiting.

It is necessary to run my process when I'm pushing the button in the requisition form. I'm creating external window with method CREATE_EXTERNAL_WINDOW and after that my process is running. This chain is workable. But when I'm closing this window with my process there is no new small window which displays that the session is completed.

Call method:

call method lo_window_manager->create_external_window


url = lv_url

modal = abap_false

has_menubar = abap_true

is_resizable = abap_true

has_scrollbars = abap_true

has_statusbar = abap_true

has_toolbar = abap_true

has_location = abap_true


window = lo_window.

I don't find any usefull parametrs in this method.