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Nov 16, 2010 at 01:51 PM

OVS search help: how to trigger a refresh of the main view?


Hi all gurus,

please forgive if this argument has been already discussed, I searched and found similar issues but nothing seems to fit exactly to my situation, even though I guess it's quite a common desiderata.

Shortly; in a view, I have a search help associated to a field. Once the search help is triggered and the selection is done, the user must press explicitly the ENTER button after the selection has done. Only after the enter press the view is refreshed ( = trigger of WDDOMODIFYVIEW with the new value associated to the input field).

That's not intuitive for the user, which would like to see an automatic refresh after the selection is done.

As far as I've read, it seems that this behaviour cannot be obtained with "simple" search help, but only for freely programmed or OVS search help.

I guess this could be obtained firing an event in the phase3 of the OVS method, but I don't know how to do that and what's event to raise in order to emulate a selection + enter press. Could anyone help me ? If I miss some discussion on the argument, links are welcome.

Thanks again.