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Nov 16, 2010 at 11:55 AM

BDC for ME32l


Hello All,

I am using a call transaction for ME32L for updating new validity periods.

I have made the recording.

but when i execute it as a program the cursor stops in the item screen and doesn#t do anything.

requirement is we have to select the item say 20 and update the dates.

during recording I change the value as 20 at the bottom of the screen where I have item as default 10.

I convert the selection as 20 in my program by reading the value of the item from the file and change the selection accordingly.

But during execution the cursor stops at the item as 10 and it doesnt make any changes after that.

I dont have any clue where i am going wrong.

I give my code for selection as:

CONCATENATE 'RM06E-TCSELFLAG' '(' v_count ')' INTO v_line.

CONCATENATE 'RM06E-EVRTP' '(' v_count ')' INTO v_ebelp.

v_count will be 2 as v_ebelp is line item 20.

Please advise with your inputs.