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Former Member
Sep 15, 2003 at 07:17 PM

PDK 6.x on Linux?



Since Java is meant to be platform-independent I was disappointed to learn

that the PDK 5.x does not run on my Tomcat 3.x an Linux.

JCo couldn't be the barrier since there is a version Linux already.

Even SAP R/3 works on Linux.

So when I heard that the EP 6.0 is developed on Solaris (which is

another Un*x in the end) my hope is that there may be a PDK 6.x

for Linux (Solaris Sparc Notebook are not so common you know).

And for as a developement platform it should suffice and is a lot


Well I believe even in production it would outperform

Windows and Solaris in measures of Price/Performance but

I'm not bold enough to ask for a production release, surprise me 😉

Frerk Meyer