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Nov 16, 2010 at 07:02 AM

Appraisal in training and event management


HI Guys,

I am doing TEM implemenation but having issue relateds to Appraisal functionality. Client is not using LSO but they r using apprisal functionality in PD.

I have maintained value as blank in swtich HAP00 REPLA as we r using TEM. is this right ?

I have created appraisal catalog with transaction with OOAM and two model i.e. Attendee Appraisal and Business Event Appraisal with value for BS and BK object types.

i have tested the functionality through PV33 and PV34 in backend and it is working properly in one server but in other server when i am executing PV34 then i am getting following message : No appraisal Defined in the system. what i have to do ?

How can i link BS and with Course type D ? Do i have to assign individually to all coursetype level ? Which relationship i have to create .. is it A 57 (Has particpnt aprsl model) and A58 (Has event apprsl model) ?

How can i use this functionality with frontend application .. we r using ITS..

Thanks and Best Regards