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Nov 16, 2010 at 05:17 AM

Tradiness in BPM Process



The transfer of 2000+ messages from ECC takes normal time, i.e. some minutes. But when the messages are directed to internal queue XBQO, in order to be processed in Process Engine, the problems start. In the Process Engine task WSXXXXXX the messages are read from the queue and transformed into XML u2013message. A time limit rule has been set; all messages processed within 2 hours are to be united in to one message that is sent to third party System via File Adapter. In some occasion the 2 hours time limit has not been enough to process all the messages in the queue XBQO. This results to 2 messages being created instead of one, and in third party System the second message overwrites the first one. We are not in position to lengthen the two hour time limit. In order to keep the time limit we now must study how the processing can be done within 2 hours. Now, the reading one message from the queue and transforming it to XML can take up to 5 minutes, as we expect it should be done in a few seconds.

Any ideas how we do the performance tuning for this, so that messages will process in secondsu2026