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Former Member
Nov 15, 2010 at 10:54 PM

COPY SHEET in 7x Analyzer issue


Hi All,

Please advise how you can take care of this problem :-

When you do Copy sheet or insert Analysis grid from Design mode, if you choose 2nd Query which doesnt have any COMMON VARIABLE between 2 queries in your workbook, the moment you try to come out of design mode , the 2nd query is being processed wide open because it doesnt have any selection input given to it.....

Example, on Tab1 i have invoice Query, on Tab 2 I Insert Analyssis grid and choose QRY2, lets say Sales orders booking Qry and they have no common the 2nd qry is gettting processed for the whole selection by do you take care of this.....maybe I want to force "change variable triggering" so that i am prompted for selection screeen like 3x....can you do that ?