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Oct 14, 2003 at 12:20 PM

Software updates



I just thought it would be good to see an area of the site where we can upload patches/improvements to SAP that we as developers have either fixed ourselves (restricted only to the BC module) or updated. Something similiar in the way that works with its patches would be good.

An exapmple of this is that we have repaired our system to update the function module which creates method patterns within the ABAP editor. Originally the pattern would be inserted as such:







This drove us mad on our project as we are using a form of restricted hungarian notation, we ended up having to use the pattern as a reference and then retyping the code in mixed case every time, we would also then update the syntax to the newer location, and all this just added time and frustrated the developers.

So we re-wrote the function so that it returned this:

message = zcl_message=>messagetostringstatic( exporting messageclass =

msgno =

" msgv1 =

" msgv2 = ).

We now only have to change 4 characters to get the text looking correct:

message = zcl_message=>messageToStringStatic( exporting messageClass =

msgno =

" msgv1 =

" msgv2 = ).

We have tested this over the last four months and are convinced that there are no error that have escaped us. What we would like to do is check this patch back into SAP so thast it can be reviewed by whoever within SAP and then applied when they are happy with the results. This means that everyone will benefit from our development efforts and we feel that we are giving input into the product we use every day.

The other option is that we raise an OSS and submit the patches that way but they alway seem to be overstretched and deal with support issues only. I'm not sure what they would do If we raised an OSS note with a patch already on it, they may freak out 😊