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Nov 15, 2010 at 06:17 PM

CR VS2010 Prod. Release Issue


I have been tracking the prod. release and when I saw it was available today I jumped on it, but I am now having some major issues.

Question 1:

I uninstalled the Beta and then installed the prod. version. All of the Beta dll's were version, but the prod. dll's are versioned 13.xxxx. Is that correct?

Question 2:

After installing the production version I created a new web app so I could insert a crviewer. I like doing this to help clean up my web.config files. I quickly realized that I was not able to drag a crviewer control from the toolbox onto the page. I did it and nothing happened. I then realized that the 14.xx were referenced in the VS toolbox. I switch the crview to the 13.xx version and sure enough I was then able to add the control to the page. Is this correct? Should the toolbox have been updated automatically with the upgrade? I have never had to reference the toolbox assemblies for CR in the past.

Question 3:

Also, the web.config was very simple. Just referenced the assemblies. No verb strings added. Is this correct?

Question 4:

I also opened an existing project and the CR upgrade wizard opened and completed without error. However all the assemblies were still referenced to Is this correct?

Question 5:

I also installed the redist. on the dev. server and a new folder crystalreportviewer13. Is this correct?

I hope I am just doing something wrong, because my setup is just a mess now. Please help!

Edited by: Kevin Hicks on Nov 15, 2010 12:17 PM