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Nov 15, 2010 at 04:12 PM

Trapping text edit data change on loss of focus


(This is watered down from our application, but will serve for discussion.)

Picture a multi-view web dynpro application u2013 the first view contains a text edit input (lv_KeyValue) which is used as a lookup key. Another view contains the detailed information that was looked up (ls_Structure). Other views exist as well.

The user populates the KeyValue , hits enter, and a REFRESH action and handler are called to rebuild the detail display.

For various reasons, u2026. there is a desire to update the detail display when the KeyValue field is changed even without pressing the enter key. Essentially, they want the update to occur also when the user

  • sets focus on the input field

  • changes the value

  • moves focus away from the field

I guess Iu2019m looking for a way to trap the field's ON_ FOCUS_LOSS (or something like that) so that I can attempt to push through my action.

Is this possible ?