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Sep 03, 2003 at 04:35 PM

How to Buy a Portal?



first to my situation: I am working for a midcap IT Company as SAP Portal Consultant. My task is to Developing Java programms (iViews, Portal Services) for the SAP Portal and do all technical Tasks regarding the Portal (Security Concept, Administration). Now i want to build a sapportal for my own Internet Page (with EP6.0 when it is aviable). I want to build a Portal with knowledge management focus for me and some kollegues and Friends who are working in SAP Java developing. I think it is very usefull. Because i can access all my documents from the every place in the world, we have a very powerfull full text search engine, and, and, and. So i want to buy a Portal license for myself. I want to make it on a server at home and access it via Internet (DSL Flat rate with DynDNS).

But SAP want sell me one License (i don't need support!). The answer from the sales team was that they have "many thousand euros" (direct speech ๐Ÿ˜Š minimum volume :-(. For my this is in the moment not a problem, but i see some problems with this in the futere for the Development Community.

When i read the Presentations about the EP 6.0 i see that the Development envroyment is a part of the portal.

And now?

All freelancers and small cap IT-Companys can not develope portal content, because they cant buy a portal. I can only develope software when i have access to a portal! Normaly i am programming in my homeoffice or in the hotel (becaus it is much more silence there). But without a portal at home, how can i do this?

I think you (SAP) must think about to sell a non supportet Lizenz to get a bigger and satisfied developer community. Developing at home it is very important for a developer (in my opinion).

Best Regards,

Patrick Hoefer