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Nov 15, 2010 at 02:16 PM

PDF binary sent to server each roundtrip?!


Hi all,

I'm on NW CE 7.11, integrating WDJ with SIFbA.

I would really appreciate some help on the following problem:

in my application we have 2 views, accessed in sequence by users.

View 1 displays ("usepdf" mode) a PDF retrieved from db.

View 2 allows users to perform search on backend and so on.

The problem is that at each server roundtrip the binary is sent to the server, even when View 1 is no longer visible.

As a consequence, when in view 2 a very simple interaction has to take place, the whole binary from view 1 is sent to the server as well.

This is a major performance issue with large binaries (~1mb).

I would like to tell the framework to send the PDF to server only when really necessary

How can this be done?

Thanks regards