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Nov 15, 2010 at 01:19 PM

actions conditions and authorizations conflicting in solution manager charm


Hello Solman experts,

I encounter an authorization issue in solution manager for the different roles (change manager, change requestor, tester, etc.) in the charm flow.

At several places in the flow, the following conflict occurs between the conditions linked to a status (pre-requisite to be able to set a status) and the authorizations users have:

- Current status is status A;

Person2 is

authorized to set the status B (has the right role to do so)

Has no authorizations to set the status A

- Status B is linked to some background conditions like for instance:

Status B (confirmed for integration test) can only be set if condition (all tasks of the transport are released)

Previous status A is reset in case conditions are not met

- If the conditions of status B are not met:

Status B can normally not be set because of the conditions that are not met

However when person 2 tries to set the status and saves

Error appears mentioning that conditions are not met (this is normal) and that status is reset by the system

But status B is however set with an additional error mentioning that person 2 is not authorized to perform last action

Last action being the reset of the status A

Given that in a normal flow, person 2 cannot set the status A, status A not being part of person2 roles authorizations and should not be part of his authorizations

Has anyone an idea on how to solve this issue?