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Former Member
Nov 15, 2010 at 09:30 AM

Pricing schema


Dear All,

In my import pricing procedure i have condition type PB00 & another condition type ZXYZ (this condition type is like PB00)...the need of this Z condition type is we need our CVD price to be calculated on the price user will enter against the Z condition type.

Now initially we were seeing that whenever we are using both the condition types then the Net column in the condition tab was populated by the price entered against the last condition type i.e. lets say we have entered 20 usd against PB00 & 10 usd against ZXYZ then the Net column was been populated by 10 usd & not 20 usd.

To solve this we kept subtotal D against PB00 & Calculation type 12 against ZXYZ (subtotal field has been kept blank)...this solved our issue but now what we are seeing that by doing this the CVD is getting calculated over PB00 & not over ZXYZ though the From & To against the CVD condition types has been kept over ZXYZ.

What needs to be done to achieve this?