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Nov 15, 2010 at 09:16 AM

Transfer data between systems realtime


Dear All,

I have the following issue:

In System1 we create Purchase Order (PO) and in System2 a Sales Order (SO) reference to that PO.

The line item in the PO in System1 have Profit Center PC1 assigned.

In System2 the SO has PC2 assigned to line item.

The client has in System2 New GL activated and they do Document Splitting, so we need to transfer the Profit Center information and fill the Partner PC field with PC1 before the document splitting takes place.

If the company codes are in the same system, SAP offers a derivation option to define the Partner Profit Center between affiliated companies. But in our case the companies are in different systems.

As I know the Profit Center - Partner Profit Center derivation happens already at the time of the SO creation, so the information should be available at that time. For this PCA is not an option and I need your help to tell the system which PC-PartnerPC assignment should take place at the time of SO creation.

What integration tools could be used?

One solution from me (not an ABAPer!):

1. Read the relevant data from the PO (PC1, PO-number...), fill Z table

2. Realtime update the Z table in the central system (System2) - suggest, what tool with?

3. Use Enhancement (connected with Z table) in the Derivation of Partner Profit Center EC-PCA function --> to find the actual data relation

4. At the time of SO creation the correct Derivation is read from the derivation. (PO Number is entered in SO! - it can be an info for the system, right?)

What do you think, could it work?

Thanks for your answers,