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Oct 29, 2003 at 12:52 PM

Which questions should be posted in the SAP Developer Network forum?


Hi fellow Developers,

This SAP NetWeaver Platform is the place for general questions regarding SAP NetWeaver. So if you have questions regarding availability and next release please post it here. Also if your questions is regarding several NetWeaver components, this is the right place for these.

Looking through the list of forum post I realized, that there are many regarding specific components. Please whenever possible post them in their or the closest boards you can find.

An example would be questions to WebDynpro. We will open up a specific forum for WebDynpro soon, until then please post them in the WAS forum.

Especially refrain from double posting. If we work together, the signal to noise ratio will improve significantly and we will all be better off.

Thanks in advance, Mark.

SDN Collaboration Manager.