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Nov 13, 2010 at 10:11 PM

Error refreshing Freehand Sql Deski in XI 3.1 SP 3 after upgrade fr XI R2



I'm getting the following error when trying refresh a Freehand Sql Deski report in Infoview or in the Deski Full client. I am on XI 3.1 SP 3 and these reports were upgrade from XI R2. I am able to successfully refresh the same reports in XI r2.

Error Msg

setprompts failed - a variable prevented the data provider 'A' from being refreshed - (dma0008)

I believe the issue is related to the @prompt syntax in XI 3.1 . In some cases, the 'unconstrained' keyword is used in the @prompt. When I change it to 'free', the issue is resolved.

However, the report is refreshed successfully in XI r2 SP 4 WITH the 'unconstrained' keyword used in the @prompt.

Problems also occur in XI 3.1 when the arguments defined in the @prompt syntax are not in the correct sequence (i.e. @prompt ('prompt text (1)', 'type (2)', 'list of values(3)', 'mono/multi(4)', 'free/constrained(5)'))

However, as stated above, the reports where refreshing without error in XI r2.

Has anyone ever encountered this before and if so, can you let me know how you resolved it?

Also, does anyone have a tool that can find and replace sql sytax in the Deski reports?