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Former Member
Nov 12, 2010 at 09:25 PM

External services confirmation- ML81N vs. IW42??


Hello everyone,

I have a question around confirmation of external services, addressing to those who are savvy with external services config side..

First of all- Does accepted service entry sheet represent itself a confirmation? Or do we need also confirm it standard way as well? In case of latter, itu2019s confusing, since when we hit u2018actual datau2019 in IW42, we only have operations to confirm, not the particular services that lying beneath in sub screen External (e.g. from contact). So, subscreen Services is activated in confirmation layout, stays grey regardless whether you have services from contract or from material master (Mat type DIEN), nor using PM02 or PM03 ctrl keys..

So, what should I do to enable those services in confirmation screen?and all in all, is it necessary at all from business process design standpoint, or service entry sheet is normally enough to confirm external services? if so, what is the purpose of that subscreen in confirmation then??

Thanks in advance,