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Nov 12, 2010 at 04:45 PM

Use one connection object for BEx Analyzer and a RFC-Call


Hi at all,

we want to execute an RFC function module in our SAP BW out of the BEx Analyzer. For this, I tried to use the existing BEx Connection in combination with the SAP.Functions.Connection (LIBRFC32.dll) object (have a look to the code snippet 1). Unfortunately I always get an exception...

Code snippet 1:

' Get the existing Bex Connection
    Set oSapCon = Run("BExAnalyzer.XLA!sapBEXgetConnection")
' Create a 'SAP.Functions' objcet 
    Set oRfcFunctions = CreateObject("SAP.Functions")
' Get the current Connection to SAP
    Set oRfcFunctions.Connection = oSapCon

If I use only the parameter of the BEx connection and create a new connection for the SAP.Functions object (have a look to code snippet 2) all will work fine - But in this case I have two different connections from my Excel file to SAP BW.

Isn't it possible to use only one connection for the BEx and the RFC Call?

Code snippet 2:

Public Sub execRfcTest()
    Dim oSapCon As Object
    Dim oRfcFunctions As Object
    Dim oRfcCallFunction As Object
    Dim sReturn As Object
    ' RFC Funktions Objekt erzeugen
    Set oSapCon = Run("BExAnalyzer.XLA!sapBEXgetConnection")
    Set oRfcFunctions = CreateObject("SAP.Functions")
    'oRfcFunctions.Connection = oSapCon
    oRfcFunctions.Connection.ApplicationServer = oSapCon.ApplicationServer
    oRfcFunctions.Connection.Password = oSapCon.Password
    oRfcFunctions.Connection.client = oSapCon.client
    oRfcFunctions.Connection.user = oSapCon.user
    oRfcFunctions.Connection.Language = oSapCon.Language
    oRfcFunctions.Connection.hostname = oSapCon.hostname
    oRfcFunctions.Connection.SystemNumber = oSapCon.SystemNumber
    oRfcFunctions.Connection.System = oSapCon.System
    oRfcFunctions.Connection.Destination = oSapCon.Destination
    ' Aufbau der Verbindung
    If oRfcFunctions.Connection.Logon(0, True) <> True Then
       Exit Sub
    End If
    ' Funktionsbaustein bekannt geben
    Set oRfcCallFunction = oRfcFunctions.Add("ZBI_RFC_TEST")
    ' Input Parameter setzten
    oRfcCallFunction.exports("LV_INPUT") = Range("C7").Value2
    ' Aufruf des Funktionsbausteins
    If = True Then
        Set sReturn = oRfcCallFunction.imports("LV_RETURN")
        Range("C8").Value2 = sReturn.Value
        Call MsgBox("Error!!!")
    End If
End Sub