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clock in/out report but without positive TEvaluation and without payroll integration

Dec 07, 2016 at 12:25 PM


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Hi Experts,

we have a clock in/out data in infotype 2011 to show it in the ESS and it's working fine

but i need to run (extract) a report for the attendance (attendance , late , overtime , ... ) like the one we get from PT60 but without postive time evaluation and without any payroll integration

i just need this report to know the employee attendance , who's late , the overtime and so on according to the configured work schedule

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I don't think the report you are expecting does not exist :D

You are using Time negative (7) already, I suppose your system has been implemented with Time Evaluation. From my point of view, you should implement the requirement in your existing time schema.

Otherwise you hat to build a customized report but it will require a lot of coding :D

e.g. you can NOT just simply depend on IT7 to know work schedule. If your system use IT2003, you have to consider this Infotype as well.

Trong Minh (Woody) Nguyen

HI Trong,

we didn't implement positive time management (Time evaluation), that's why i can't run pt60 with time schema

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Former Member Jan 08, 2017 at 08:31 PM

It should be easy.

Plz design a custom report if no standard report is matching.

U have to give logic ss below

Report outvalues are late, absent and overtime if ( your logic what u have mentioned above ) in IT 2011, when time management status is 7. Provide all respective technical fields for the above mentioned logic to an abaper.

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Rémi Corriveau Dec 07, 2016 at 05:32 PM

Have you looked at the standard ESS reports on Attendances?

Have you tried using se16n to look at Table pa2011?

Have you tried creating an Ad-hoc Query on IT2011, or have you talked with an ABAP programmer about creating a Custom Program?

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Regarding the ESS standard reports (i'll search for them)

i need a report for the attendance ( not only clock in/out) cause i can get them from ad-hoc on IT2011 as u mentioned

but i need a result for the attendance according to the configured work schedules

for ex: if the work schedule is 8 hours from 9 - 17 i need in the report to show me the employee is LATE if he come at 9:14 and OVERTIME if he left at 20:00 and ABSENT if he don't have any clock in/out

thanks in advance

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Former Member Dec 21, 2016 at 11:30 AM

Hello, You may use time management status - 7 (Time evaluation without payroll integration),to meet your purpose.


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Hi Suhas,

we already use time managment statues 7

but my requirement is a report for the time attendance (clock in/out that stored in info type 2011 with calculating total working hours (that came from the Work scehdule) and so on