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Nov 11, 2010 at 08:11 PM

User Tables and fields


Hello everyone,

A customer had the following query installed in his database:

SELECT T2.[DocDate], T2.[NumAtCard], T2.[DocTotal], T1.[CardCode], T1.[CardName], T0.[Name], T1.[U_Ruta], T1.[U_Plantase] FROM [dbo].[@SEFA] T0 inner join [dbo].[OCRD] T1 on T0.[Code] = T1.[U_Chofer] inner join [dbo].[OINV] T2 on T1.[CardCode] = T2.[CardCode] WHERE T2.[DocDate] = [%0] and T0.[Name] = [%1]

What the query is supposed to do is this: the user enters the name of one of the company's messengers and a date. The query looks this name up in the @SEFA table which is user defined and linked to the OCRD table through the U_Chofer field. Once the query has arrived to the Business Partners assigned to this messenger, it selects all the invoices to this business partner's name which have the entered document date.

They query works fine. The problem is that in the 2007 version when the query was run and the parameters were prompted you could display a list of the possible names for the messengers by pressing tab in the Name prompt. In the 8.8 this does not happen and the customer has to enter the complete name of the messenger in order for the query to deliver results. The date field does have this functionality.

I have run tests and it seems that this is indeed the case. If instead of filtering with the Name field I use the U_Chofer list I do get the option of displaying a list however the list consists of the codes of the messengers and not their names. I would appreciate any help in understanding why this option is not present in the 8.8 version so I can explain to the customer and try to come up with a solution.

Thanks in advance and best regards,