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Nov 11, 2010 at 04:41 PM

Issue with Data In crystal Reports



I have solved that Issue By making changes in the view.

But now I am struck with some thing else...

Here Is the Scenario.

Revenues Table has Three Colums ( Date, Revenue, Site _CODE) >>>> It has 650 rows

Locations VW has these columns ( Site_Code, site_DESC, Region,...................) It has 65 Rows.

For a cross tab I need Region and Site_Desc as Rows and Date as a Column And revenue as Summary column ( for month)

I was unable to retrieve all the Site Desc for a region in crystal reports ( Also tried outer joins in LInks tab)

So i have created a new view from both of the above which has ( date,Revenue, site_code,site_desc,Region) and updated it in the Data source location of crystal reports.

I am getting all the data from past 5 years (which has 65 rows in the crosstab)

But when I am trying to filter it to 2010 data It gives only 24rows of data ( I am loosing site desc in the regions.)

I need all the site Desc in table whether they have a revenue or not.

How can I do this.

I have tried applying the select expert but got no luck.

Your assistance will be appreciated.

Thank YOu.